Intelligent Robotic Octopus settles in at IBM

The Swedish art duo Robert Stasinski and Alessandra Di Pisa has designed a unique piece of art – a giant robotic octopus. Using artificial intelligence, the octopus can interact with viewers around complex philosophical questions. MTAB transported the artwork from The Royal School of Technology in Stockholm to IBM’s headquarters in Kista. Med artificiell intelligens kan robotbläckfisken filosofera kring livets frågor. MTAB ansvarade för transporten från KTH till IBM:s huvudkontor i Kista.

“MTAB was the number one choice right off the bat. They are a well-established professional fine art logistics company that also does a lot of transportation of high-tech equipment. They have a genuine understanding of the special requirements for transporting both art and technology, a combination that was a perfect match for this project.”

— Alessandra Di Pisa.

The robot contains highly advanced technology in the form of IBM Watson, an artificially cognitive system. Its knowledge is sourced from 2000 years of global history of ideas.

The robotic octopus constantly poses new synthetically derived questions to the viewer based on philosophical works. When the viewer interacts with the robot through an app and answers the questions, it responds by performing a unique choreography of movement, form and color.


The robot has the shape of a six limbed organic structure, reminiscent of an octopus. Built with the help of robotics students from the Royal School of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, the 150 kg heavy piece of art was installed in IBM’s lobby at the headquarters in Kista. MTAB arranged the transport from KTH to IBM.

MTAB had to build special custom transport platforms and packaging for the project. The artwork contains a lot of technology and is extremely sensitive, which poses a great risk during transport. Attention to detail, great caution and a structured transport process is essential.

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