By offering conservator services, MTAB can provide additional support and peace of mind to customers with sensitive and valuable objects.

Your peace of mind

We can provide advice and guidance about how your object should be packed, handled or installed. We can also assist with status reports/condition reports and inspection of works of art prior to loans or exhibitions and in connection with installation and project management. Our conservator services are performed on the basis of international ethical guidelines and assess risks associated with the handling of works of art and various conditions concerning lighting, climate, pests, fire and security.

MTAB is a logistics partner all the way


We plan, structure, produce packaging materials and manage logistics flows. We perform function testing and configure and pack items for safe transportation.


With specially designed vehicles and qualified personnel, we transport sensitive goods throughout the Nordic region and the rest of the world.


Vi säkerställer att dina föremål når hela vägen fram till användning genom tjänster som uppackning, installation och positionering. Vi erbjuder även bortforsling samt återvinning av emballage.

Elisabeth Geijer

Curator, FineArt

Let us solve your logistics challenges

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