Configuration and Function Testing

We offer storage and installation of electronic equipment in antistatic areas in our storage facilities.

Ready for immediate use

Our personnel can also perform function tests and service as agreed. You also have the possibility to perform your own function tests and service on your machines if so desired. Our technicians also perform configuration of technical equipment prior to final delivery, which means that the product is ready for use upon delivery to the customer.

Other services we offer

MTAB is a logistics partner all the way


We plan, structure, produce packaging materials and manage logistics flows. We perform function testing and configure and pack items for safe transportation.


With specially designed vehicles and qualified personnel, we transport sensitive goods throughout the Nordic region and the rest of the world.


We ensure that your objects arrive safely and ready for use, with post-transport services such as unpacking, installation and positioning. We also offer removal and recycling of packaging materials.

Ella Ljunglöf

Coordinator, High Tech

Let us solve your logistics challenges

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